Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin

Videos 视频

Ho Wai-On "Magic Banyan Tree"《神奇老榕树》何蕙安懷念小時農村生活的作品

A boy and a huge banyan save their ancestral home from developers. Nancy Yuen 阮妙芬 soprano; Rowland Sutherland flute; Glyn Williams bassoon; Nathaniel Bartlett marimba; Teddy Bergstrom xylophone; Alex Brangwyn percussion; child singers.  Lyrics by Dr David Brailsford Tong - Ho Wai-On's cancer consultant at Guy's & St. Thomas'.  

Ho Wai-On “Sakura (Cherryblossom) Variations” 何蕙安《樱花变奏》

Five variations on the well-known Japanese folk song, with Baroque influence.

Jane Webster narrates, Neil Heyde cello, Helena Brown harpsichord.

With images of cherryblossom from UK, Japan and the USA.

This was my very first commission after I strained my wrist and had to give up being a concert pianist and became a composer instead.

For health reasons I am using the Internet as my main venue for my creative works. This is the directory containing the videos and more information. It's still a work in progress. Do check back, to see how it improves, thank you!




4 Songs in Chinese 聯篇曲 (with new addition)

A combination of music, poetry (Song & Tang dynasties), Choy May-Chu's artwork and my video clips of Essex to express the pain inflicted by love. Performers: soprano Nancy Yuen, clarinet Philip Edwards. 《相思苦》《朱淑真山查子》《李清照声声慢》《李白月下獨酌》阮妙芬唱,蔡美珠畫

(thumbnails to be inserted)

Song & Dance of a Survivor

Performers include soprano Julietta Demitriades, flute Rowland Sutherland, clarinet Amelia Oldfield, cello Katerina Ma Majcen and many more, with counductor Paul Rhys. with some use of electro-acoustics (thumbnails to be inserted).


THE WAVES pianist Albert Tang and wild fowl in Hyde Hall, and the festive puzzle MINUTE-CAROL (thumbnails to be inserted).

The following two videos will be moved onto their own page with new related videos which are in progress.