Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin

Music is Happiness is a CD of my music, and a 64-page book written and designed by me containing related stories, poems and illustrations.  The music is performed by excellent musicians.

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Comments from a composer, a film director, and a novelist:

“Ann-Kay Lin (aka Ho Wai-On) is a multi-talented artist who has the virtue of straddling two major cultures, East and West, both from a profound knowledge.  Her musical work is very direct and speaks clearly to what must be a considerable audience.  There is undoubtedly a need for such well-crafted, delightful, fresh and imaginative work today.”  

Jonathan Harvey, composer; Prof. Emeritus Stanford University; Hon Fellow, St. John's College, Cambridge University.

“I enjoyed every piece. I admire the remarkable intertwining of traditions and styles, and especially the way the Eastern elements contribute to the huge emotional impact of the music.  The narrations stimulate the imagination – the book is fascinating throughout”  

Brian Gilbert, film director of WILDE, TOM & VIV, THE GATHERERING.

“I found all these pieces very interesting and enjoyable to listen to. The selection is good because it presents a varied scope of musical intentions.  Strong, with clear lines, decisive, most dramatic, intelligent, and well, yes, possessing a kind of masculinity, perhaps surprising in view of the romantic and quite feminine lyricism of the accompanying texts. The effect in almost all cases is that of a dramatic performance.  The drama is foremost.  There is urgency in this music.  Making it has mattered to the composer. Listening to it matters to the audience.”

John David Morley, author of PICTURES FROM THE WATER TRADE.

A brief description of the music:

CD Book is available for download above.

Magic Banyan Tree (CD Track 11): Music for family enjoyment.

CD Book pages 42-46, video available.

Bulldozers (CD Track 10): In the style of Western Classical music.

Four Love Songs in Chinese (CD Tracks 2-5): Poems and music.

CD Book pages 16-21, video available.

Sakura Variations (CD Track 1): Baroque-Japanese Cherry Blossom.

CD Book pages 13-15, video available.

To You (CD Track 5): Song without words with Indian music influence.

Permutation, Tai Chi, Farewell my beloved (CD Tracks 3,4,9): A taste of contemporary Classical music.

Music is Happiness

CD & book

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《樂在其中》CD 和小册是音乐、故事、诗和图片