Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin

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Song & Dance of a Survivor

You Are Not Alone 《你並不孤單》

Look back in humour.  Words: Ho Wai-On & Mike Greenhough. Rowland Sutherland flute; Katarina Majcen cello; Anglia Ruskin Chamber Choir; Paul Rhys conductor.  


《歌舞慶重生》 原名《癌三次存活者之歌舞》

The original title was Song & Dance of a 3-Time Cancer Survivor. I omitted cancer from the title because I feel it is applicable to many different survivors. This is a humorous story in 12 acts based on my own experience. I have already written the libretto cum script with music sketches and production ideas as the basis for realisation as an Internet opera. At the moment it is in the form of a prototype as a creative autobiographical PhD that you can download free from “Creative PhD" page. These videos are experiments using material from a couple of acts in preparation for a much larger work should I be able to obtain the funding required.

The following are some of the music videos; there are more to come.


Electro-Acoustic Radio Fun 化療趣事

I input numbers into the CCRMA computer system to generate pitch (frequency), rhythm (ratio of time), timbre (harmonics to be present or emphasised), envelop (attack-sustain-decay time), dynamics (amplitudes), structure etc. of the music imagined, then enriched with analogue music equipment. This is much more time/energy consuming than writing music for existing instruments, as I need to create every bit of the sound from scratch. I am not a researcher/scientist of acoustics, and relied on repeated intense listening - trial and error...

I met Marcus West at Cardiff University - I was on an MA and he, a PhD. His math-related computer graphics seems appropriate for my music. The following links are related to his works:




This is from Act 10 Radio Fun & Chemo Comedy of Song & Dance of a 3-Time Cancer Survivor, which is a libretto cum script with music and other performance materials. Dr Mike Greenhough helped humorize my draft.  See (Song & Dance) and click Act 10 for a read. Only a tiny fraction of the text is used in this video. More text is to be quoted in Jazzy Radio Fun music video.


The round images signify cancer cells, and polygonal images signify the radiotherapy machine. Enjoy!


Comment of the above video:

" It spoke to me. The music and the graphics. Even though I have never had radiotherapy etc. However, I did experience a machine at a health day which was merely pulsing light and music... (this I didn't know) with eyes shut. I saw lots colours and shapes. The first half of your video reminded me very much of that experience which was very enjoyable... was so shocked when the guy said that had been entirely generated by me... it was all white light being pulsed."   - Francesca Jaggs, former neighbour and Shiatsu practitioner