Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin

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My report to the Arts Council (PDF) on my journey and research in China as mentioned at the end of the above video:

Part 1 - Hua-yuan Journey Preliminary Information

Part 2 - Ho Wai-On's visit to China

Part 3 - The Development of "Hua-Yuan Journey" into "Inter Artes Yuanlin" as influenced by Ho Wai-On's visit to China and selected pages from the Appendix

I formed Inter-Artes in 1988 as a flexible force (composers, musicians, dancers, choreographers, actors, writers, visual artists and photographers) to create and perform works/projects that combine music, dance, drama and visual arts across different cultures.  Some projects were accompanied by relevant displys at the venue and at public libraries to enhance greater cross-cultural understanding.  With initial funding from the Gulbenkian Foundation, other funding bodies soon followed. Many programmes have been performed at significant venues such as London's South Bank Centre and Hong Kong's City Hall.  Until I was under investigation for cancer in 1992, Inter-Artes projects' emphasis was more on music.  The cancer experience had made me feel that staging live performance is a lot of effort for a fleeting moment, and I began to work on a project to create a people-friendly artistic environment particularly suitable for cross-cultural combined arts activities that is based on the concepts of the dying art of Chinese landscape gardening called yuenlin 園林.  I involved visual artists from China and the UK at the proposal stage, and my proposal won the Arts Council of England New Collaboration Fund and a British Airway subsidy.  This enabled me to visit famous yuenlins (landscape gardens) in China from north to south and to meet with artists to complete the blueprint.  Due to my health, it would be difficult to build this in the real world, but to realize 'Inter-Artes Yuenlin 園林通藝' in a realistic fashion: to build it as an interactive cross-cultural combined arts environment in cyberspace, using the experience I have gained from observing and contributing to large and complex websites while researching for my creative PhD.  More info re Inter Artes will be uploaded soon.

This is my design for a part of this artistic enviroment, Inter-Artes Yuenlin 園林通藝

The following links are related to Inter Artes projects 以下是一些通藝項目的創作/演出/展覽:

Theme Hong Kong《香港做主題》

The World of Lu Hsun 《鲁迅的世界

Other InterArtes Displays & Perfprmances 其他通藝演出和展覽的圖片

Historical China《中華歷史》 Updated with 12 comments 新頁

Above is an Inter Artes publicity photo taken outside the British Museum with artist, choreographer, dancer, lighting designer, set/costume designer, Ho Wai-On and production manager from an early production.


The video below is where I describe transforming my life-long creative performing work into a relevant artistic environment inspired by Chinese landscape gardening called Yuanlin. You can also view my report to the Arts Council on my journey and research in China.  以下是短視頻《通藝的故事》,和寫給藝術局的報告。