Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin

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The following is from Malcolm Singer - composer/condutor, professor at Guildhall School of Drama and Music, recently retired Music Director Yehudi Menuhin School:

"...I have had a chance to go through your PhD. I must say that I have found it quite amazing and a most moving testament. Your original music is as fascinating and fresh as always, the scholarship is impressive, the overall conception is so unusual, yet striking, and the autographical elements are so powerfully interwoven into the whole. It is a major achievement...!

            It was great to hear Roland’s distinctive flute playing on many of the pieces and the singing (solo and choruses) are most effective. The narrative and poetry is also very striking. The ‘opera’, as a whole, reminds me somewhat of Satie – its glorious quirkiness!

            I remember watching the Chinese Opera in San Francisco and talking to the American composer, Louis Harrison about it. He had grown up with the Chinese Opera on the West Coast, and felt that this genre, rather than the Western ‘classical’ music was his aesthetic. I think this is reflected in his works. "

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Fable of the Phoenix by Ho Wai-On

Each of this cantata's eight movements was a brief tone poem mixing composed and improvised material. The conductor, Roger Montgomery, made the most of delicate textures that sometimes recalled Stravinsky's Agon, including a sumptuous trio for flute, viola da gamba and bass lute. Although it was clearly Wai-On's evening (concluding with her humorous fantasy Narcissus and Turandot)...  

Nicholas Williams "On Inter Artes and the Britten Sinfonia", The Independent newspaper UK

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