Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin

This piece can be played with or with or without narration. The following is a recording of it without narration played by Philip Edwards.


SCORE 樂譜 1



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Below are my scores in PDF format 点擊以下藍框形象看樂譜

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Variations 櫻花变奏

for cello & harpsichord 大提琴、大鍵琴合奏

The score in PDF format, and a recording preceded by narration are as follows:

Scores for the 12 acts of “Song & Dance of a Cancer Survivor”: See “Creative PhD” page, click "Thesis in PDF format" and go to Chapter 5 (PDF file from p.229 , i.e. thesis p.213 ).  An example of the music Revolving Clockwork Figures is on this page.

Click here for the score and videos of 4 Songs in Chinese


Jane Webster narrates

Neil Heyde  cello

Helena Brown  harpsichord

A music video of this work is on the

Music Videos page.

For the story of this piece see

pp.14-15 of my "Music is Happiness" book

Impression of a Chinese Opera aka Farewell My Beloved

霸王別姬 单簧管獨奏(可加念白) 此曲靈感源自京都劇

It is written for solo B♭ clarinet but can also be played by any of the family.

The (updated) score in PDF format as follows. I suggest printing this at A3 or B4 size for use in performance.

This piece is very typical of the influence by my childhood memory of Chinese opera. In fact, it is inspired by a well known opera called The Conqueror Bade His Concubine Farewell. In the West it is known as Farewell My Beloved.

For the story of this piece see pp.31-37 of my "Music is Happiness" book. On that webpage you will find an interesting comment of this work by Albert Tang

Waves 浪  Saxophone quartet

The score in PDF format as follows:

A recording will be uploaded later. Meanwhile, enjoy my music video of the piano version with water fowl, also called The Waves.  The score of the piano version is below:

A recording will be uploaded later.  Meanwhile, listen to to a midi playback of the score:

John David Morley's comment on the music:

" Providing the segue to Revolving Clockwork Figures. You do this well. If you’ve seen Fellini’s Casanova you can hardly not recall the sequence of Casanova having or attempting to have sex with the clockwork toy woman, which is what I saw when I listened to your music. Ah, the gift of free association! Where would we be without it? "

Click to see John David Morley's comments on the music of some of the other acts.

Revolving Clockwork Figures

Music for Song & Dance of a Cancer Survivor (current project) Act 3. See the words that go with this music on the Act 3 page.

N.B. Though the music can be played as it is, I allow modifications by others.  This derives from the concept of Cantonese opera which is the art of performers' re-creation of existing music.  See Creative PhD page for more info.

Bulldozers, Old House & Old Banyan 鏟泥機鬥老屋老榕樹

Also called Bulldozers versus Old Banyan for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and piano 長笛單 双簧管 單簧管 喇叭 巴松管 鋼琴合奏

Full score and parts in PDF format, and a recording preceded by narration are as follows:

Permutation 排列變化 for oboe, clarinet, horn and piano 雙簧管、單簧管、喇叭、鋼琴合奏

Full score and parts in PDF format, and a recording preceded by narration are as follows:

Click for parts in PDF format: oboe, clarinet and horn respectively.

The poem preceding the music was specially written by one of my cancer consultants, Dr. David Tong of Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital.

Jane Webster narrates

Joseph Sanders  oboe

Philip Edwards  clarinet

Roger Montgomery  horn & direction

Vivian Choi 蔡慧雯 piano

For the story of this piece see

pp. 22-23 of "Music is Happiness" book.

Distance  in Memory of Max Pirani   遙遠(懷念恩師之作)

Piano solo score:

Scores of guitar and piano versions in PDF format, along with a recording of the guitar version played by William Waters at the Wigmore Hall London are below, together with its original introduction.

For Polly 送給寶莉

A simple piano piece in exchange for my portrait painted by Polly Hope

click to see the painting.

The score in PDF format as follows:

The score has three staves and can be played by one player. As the piece is technically easy it can also be played by beginners as a game, for example with piano and violin beginners sharing the score.

Pygmalion & Galatea piano solo 帕与嘉 鋼琴獨奏

I have written many versions for various pianists, I think the following live recording might be the very first version, which was written for Vivien Choi who performed it in Hong Kong City Hall.

The score in PDF format may be a later and abridged version of the recording.

《帕與嘉》作曲靈感源自希臘神話,講雕刻家帕愛上了自己雕塑取名為嘉的女像,真誠所至,女像變成活人與他共結連理。以下是蔡慧雯在香港大會堂演出的現埸録音。這曲我寫了多個版,這 PDF 可能是刪減版。

At the time I apparently was interested in exploring how to use the pedal to create nuances by merging a lot of harmonically unrelated notes. Therefore it is encouraged to use the pedal to sustain and experiment with such colours.

I will gradually upload the other versions.

NEW 19 July 7月19日相關視頻

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If it is narrated it can be by the clarinettist (optional: using key snaps ad lib as percussion to accompany own narration).

Philip Edwards played and narrated in his performance of this piece at London's Regent Hall. The late Jeffrey Elkan did the same in his Jerusalem performance.

Celebrations   慶祝 单簧管獨奏

B♭ clarinet solo for Philip Edwards

The score in PDF format as follows.

After writing a piece for big band, I wrote this short and simple piece as an afterthought. This piece may be transposed down a tone if the player so wishes.

The clarinettist can also perform with a narrator who also plays simple percussion ad lib (e.g., using a chopstick to hit the music stand).

The following is a  recording of this piece with narration:

Jane Webster narrates & plays percussion with chopsticks;

Philip Edwards clarinet   有念白的演出錄音

Jane Webster narrates

Rowland Sutherland  flute

Joseph Sanders  oboe

Phillip Edwards  clarinet

Roger Montgomery  horn & direction

Glyn Williams  bassoon

Vivian Choi 蔡慧雯 piano

For the story of this piece see

pp. 40-41 of my "Music is Happiness" book.

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