Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin

I Remember Hong Kong 我記得香港


Updated Buddha Song web page 21 May  佛曲網頁5月21日更新了

I have spent most of my life in England, yet my earliest memory was about Hong Kong, when it was a British colony.  Hong Kong followed the British legal system and judiciary, but the government more or less left the locals alone and there was freedom of speech.  English was a compulsory subject in all schools (Chinese was not), and in Anglo-Chinese schools all subjects were taught in English, though in Chinese schools most subjects were taught in Cantonese, which was spoken by the majority of the population and Cantonese culture was predominant. However, it was also a haven for people who had fled Communist China from many provinces in the mainland.  As a vibrant and cosmopolitan city and one of the world's most densely populated regions there was much Western influence – more American than British. It had an identity of a unique Hong Kong Cantonese culture as influenced by the West. This is my attempt to record what I remember of this unique culture which may not stand the passage of time and other factors.


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My autobiographical creative PhD has a lot of material related to what I remember about Hong Kong and how such memories affected my creative work. So are my CD and Book Music is Happiness and the project Theme Hong Kong.

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Buddha Song 佛曲 now a new web page updated 21 May

Though the only religion I know is Christianity, this page is about what I noticed of the interesting Buddhist influence on Hong Kong life.


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Magic Banyan Tree 神奇老榕樹

What I remember of the old world charm of the New Territories which was very different from the city life of Hong Kong island and the Kowloon peninsular and has almost vanished by now.


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