Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin


Cross-Cultural Combined Arts Creation/Performance

And The Research Supporting It

For 'Building Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Bridges: Where Practice Meets Research and Theory' –- BIBAC 2016 International Conference eBook (affiliated with Cambridge University).


As a veteran composer, and creator/director of work/projects combining music, dance, drama and visual arts across different cultures, I undertook doctoral work in 2009 because the scope of a PhD in the arts has expanded to include cross-cultural combined arts creation/performance practices – conditions favorable for my project.  From my PhD process and attending seminars/conferences, I became aware that practice-led creation/performance that results from academic research is a compromise between the disciplines of academic and professional practices.  Academic practice has a tendency to attempt to fit complex projects into minute categorizations which might not show the full picture.  For those who create and perform “interdisciplinary” work, what they do is inseparable from their complex life and responding to many factors of the time.  They work for the audience, i.e., the general public.  In a less obvious way, academic work is also affected by one's background and personal experience – this is what gives the work passion and poignancy.  Including an element of the autobiographical enhances the creation/performance to reach people beyond the academic circle because it is about life and people understand that.  My chapter reflects critically on the purpose of research in the pursuit of cross-cultural combined arts creation/performance.

Keywords: Cross-Cultural Combined Arts, Creative Performance Art, Academic Versus Professional Approach, Compromise Of Contradictions

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