Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin

An Unexpected Development  意想不到的發展

My old friend Benson Wong after seeing the above, enhanced the first photo (click to enlarge) 老友王玉泉美化了的第一張照片 (點擊放大)。

Click to see Benson Wong's pendant design for me as inspired by musical notation


Unintentional Photo Booth Comedy


Unexpected Development see end

意想不到的發展 請看頁尾


Many years ago, while working on a production in Hong Kong, a friend from my school years said, since I had never been to Mainland China, she was to treat me to a chrysanthumum show in Guangdong (Canton) after the performances. One day, while I was working at the venue, my friend came and said I must give her four identical photos for my visa application.  My publicity photos wouldn't do. We managed to find an instant photo booth that would take four photos, but one after the other 一 i.e., I had to keep still for the photos to look identical.


Well, my four photos were unflattering, but they looked ALIVE!  Without my knowing, my friend took the unusable photos. She later showed them to me when I was feeling bad to make me laugh. So, the photos are here for a laugh!  Artists' publicity photos tend to be flattering. Perhaps after seeing these, when you meet me in person, you will find I actually look pretty good.


I had no time to care for myself during production/rehearsal period and was already not looking my best. Before the camera even took the first one, I felt an itch on my head and moved.


Then I remembered a colleague told me of her experience with such a photo booth. She said she looked more dead than alive because of trying so hard to keep still, and her photos looked very like those displayed on the notice board outside a police station... I had to try hard not to giggle.


The more I tried not to, the more I wanted to giggle, and the time gap between each take was like eternity... it was agony.


It was all too much, and I doubled up with langhter!