Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin

Benson Wong for Me 王玉泉為我設計

Portraits of Me and Designs for Me 畫我和為我設計

Portraits of Ho Wai-On 何蕙安畫像

1. Drawing of Ho Wai-On by Toby Man 文傳𤩹畫何蕙安

— both are alumni of Hong Kong True Light Middle School


2. Polly Hope painted my portrait in exchange for a piece of music, click to see the score 点击可是乐谱.  英國藝術家何宝莉為我畫像交換我為她作一首曲

More to come...

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1. Ho Wai-On by Toby Man
1. Ho Wai-On by Toby Man
2. Ho Wai-On by Polly Hope
2. Ho Wai-On by Polly Hope

A musical notation inspired movable diamond pendant

for Ho Wai-On by Benson Wong (Belford Jewellery HK)


Many “contemporary music” composers use 'graphic notation' – non-traditional symbols to convey information about the performance of a piece of music. I showed a number of these to my old friend Benson Wong as design inspiration and also told him my interest in kinetic art. Benson liked the “cyclic group” symbol. The result is a movable diamond pendant. I like the design very much.


There is a joint at each diamond so the shape can change as you move and any one can be at the top where the necklace threads through. The following are only a few variations –- there can be more. Click each image to enlarge.  

每顆鑽石都鑲在活動的關節,形狀可隨著移動改變,任何一顆都可以讓頸鏈穿過。以下是一些變動型態 – 可以有更多的。单击每个图像放大。


New 21 Aug 2019 I met Benson Wong through a mutual friend when I was working on a concert sponsored by the Hong Kong Urban Council entirely of my works a long time ago (see Metamorphosis). Over the years, though he lives in Hong Kong and I live in England, we kept in touch.  In my Inter Artes project Theme Hong Kong, he was one of the Hong Kong artists I featured in the related exhibition in London。很多年前我在香港籌備市政局贊助的《何蕙安個人音樂會》時,真光舊同學鄭秋薇介紹我認識很有才華的首飾設計家王玉泉,之後彼此保持聯絡。我在通藝創作和演出項目《香港做主題》的倫敦相關展覽有介紹一些他的珠寶首飾設計的圖片