Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin

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"Thank you for a few minutes of quiet reflection with beautiful scenes to enjoy."

Reverend Sue Wise

“感謝這音樂視頻給予的寧靜反思和美景欣賞。” — 蘇懷斯牧師

More comments after "Introduction". 介紹之後有更多評語


The music is a combination of five melodic ideas ‒ each centres on a certain pitch: E, G, A, D and B respectively, i.e., the guitar strings but not following their order (EBGDAE). The words indicate the moods, and each mode centred on a pitch has its own flavour. To me, E is philosophical; G, glow; A, warmth; D, liveliness and B is mysterious.

音樂靈感源自吉他的定弦和歌詞,由五個旋律組成,每個旋律各圍繞着一個定音:E、G、A、D、B。歌唱哲理,既光亮、溫暖、有活力 ,又有點神秘感。

I studied Western Classical music at the Royal Academy of Music. At the time, the ultimate was to learn Bach chorales (for harmony) and the sonata form (for compositional structure). Yet unbeknown to me, I was influenced by my childhood memory of Cantonese opera in Hong Kong, which is a collection of different tunes to express the sound and the drama of words, as demonstrated in this piece.


The video: I met Juliet Chenery-Robson at an international conference for Arts PhD students held at the Royal College of Art in London. Juliet's PhD is a photographic expression of ME sufferers ‒ she's deeply affected by her daughter's long years suffering of ME (see BIBAC my chapter PDF, and my PhD thesis PDF Chapter 2, 2.3.5).  I find her photos beautiful.  My practice-led creative autobiographical PhD is a combined arts creation for multi-venue performance as an artistic expression of my 3-time cancer survival. I thought, wouldn't it be great if she and I would collaborate in realizing at least part of my PhD which is still a prototype due to no funding.  


Juliet kindly allows me to modify her existing photos to combine with my music. The late American soprano Judith Nelson had performed this work with the guitarist William Waters but I am not aware of any recording.  However, I have an old recording performed by Peter Crowe and William Waters that I can use to make this music video.  As Juliet's photos were not taken for this purpose, and a photo is a fixed moment while music is in motion, I looked at the large quantity of Juliet's old photos for a long time to get inspiration.  I also thought hard on how to animate chosen images to move with the music and to express the words.

朱麗葉給了我很多她舊照片的複製,任我隨意修改來配合我的音樂。我用一個舊錄音來製作這個音樂視頻。我花了很多時間看朱麗葉的大量舊照片以獲取靈感及揀選,及思考如何隨著音樂動化一張又一 張靜止的相和表達歌詞。


" I’ve just listened to and watched your Wisdom and Love piece of music. It was very relaxing both musically and visually. The singer had a fantastic voice. Well done, you are very talented. I hope you are well and staying clear of the virus. Maybe your next composition should reflect the times we are all going through and show there’s light at the end of the tunnel. "

Stuart Fleming, Wickford Wildlife Society

HWO: "No problem to create such, except without a commission, even if I write the music for love, where's the money to pay for a professional recording of the music?"

"剛看了您的《智慧與愛》音樂视頻。音樂和形象都令我感到非常舒𣈱。歌手聲音美妙。幹得好,你很有才華。希望您一切都好,不受病毒感染。也許您下一個作品應該反映我們在新冠毒期的經歷,和隧道盡頭展現光明。" —史超域.弗來明,威克福德野生動植物學會


" It is a while since you sent the mail and recording but I had not forgotten it! I have just been waiting for the right time, feeling relaxed and not in a hurry, as well as having my laptop out. As I am now in a week's self-isolation, the time has been granted me and I have just been enjoying Wisdom and Love but after reading the notes, I think I will need to listen again! Lovely photos and you are so clever at making these videos! I loved the rippling water under the bough of leaves, and the guitar accompaniment, although (perhaps due to not very good sound on my laptop) the guitar has a different tone, sounding more like an oriental stringed instrument; it is a sharper, cleaner sound than a normal guitar, not as warm and "fuzzy" ! "  

Margaret Morley, RAM alumna and sister of David Morley

HWO: " I applied instructions of certain guitar playing techniques to achieve those effects. "


— 瑪嘉烈.摩利,皇家音樂學院校友,大偉的姊姊


" A really amazing collaboration... very compelling. The images, the melodic ideas and the vocals all worked so well to create a haunting whole. What a great piece — and Juliet's images are so well platformed by your arrangement. Great that your paths crossed. Peter Crowe's haunting tenor caught my dog's attention — and she came to sit under my desk as I was listening to it. "  

Vivien Finch, Suffolk and Essex coastal dweller, music amateur, teacher, memoir writer and London JP... charities: Canine Partners, Medical Detection Dogs (making huge strides in cancer detection) and Dogs Trust (biggest rescue and re-home charity in UK)



" Thank you for the link to Wisdom and Love. It was good to listen to and watch with some very lovely images, and very interesting to hear about the ME connection." — Paul Haines, peace activist and architect/designer

“謝謝《智慧與愛》的鏈接,很好聽和看到非常可愛的圖像,這個與慢性疲勞綜合症 (ME) 有關連令我很感興趣。”  保羅·海恩斯,和平主義者和建築師/設計師"

"I really enjoyed the piece they performed. The singer has a beautiful tenor voice, and congratulations for writing so well for the guitar! The images were very evocative."  — Philip Edwards, clarinetist

“我真的很喜歡他們的演奏,歌手是優美的男高音,恭喜您把吉他寫得如此出色!這些圖像令人回味無窮。”  單簧管演奏家菲臘·愛德華斯

Videos 視频

Miscellaneous 其他

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A Festive Puzzle – Can you get all 9 carols within one minute?



The following two videos were taken at Hyde Hall

– one of the four Royal Horticultural gardens

Another video that includes footages of Hyde Hall is SAKURA VARIATIONS

Essex page 2 also has images/mini videos of Hyde Hall.




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YouTube link: https://youtu.be/WKUgXqmOJ-Y

  Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/248588302

I mingled fragments from the following nine Christmas carols that I have sung – some more obvious but some more subtly hidden in the middle part – resulting in this synthesized Minute-Carol. Spot them all while enjoying Essex's Hyde Hall with occasional mini Christmas Trees!



1. Ding Dong Merrily on High 叮噹!來自天上的喜悅

2. God Rest You Merry Gentlemen 天賜喜樂

3. Silent Night and its alto part 平安夜

4. Joy to the World 普世歡騰

5. O Little Town of Bethlehem by L H Redner

    – I include the opening lyrics as there is another carol with similar name

     O little town of Bethlehem

     How still we see thee lie

     Above thy deep and dreamless sleep

     The silent stars go by…

6. O Come All Ye Faithful 齊來崇拜

7. A Great and Mighty Wonder 救主降生

8. Hark the Herald Angels Sing 聽啊!天使高聲歌唱

9. Good Christian Men Rejoice 信徒歡唱


WISDOM & LOVE the video, info/stories & many comments


WAVES the video & info


MINUTE-CAROLS the video, festive puzzle & answers


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BLESSED the 3 videos, info, score, the article below, & comments  

The curious case of making the "Blessed" music video

《有福》 視頻三個版本,資料,樂譜,下文和頁尾的評語


BLESSED with Season's Greetings《有福》原版


Binah Elvan sings the Beatitudes with me playing the keyboard. Images modified from photos I took at St Andrew's.  BLESSED the music video is to thank God's blessing, and as Canon Jane Freeman's retirement gift from me. However, due to health, circumstances and Christmas deadline, there are blemishes in the original.  I made BLESSES AMENDED for the New Year. Then I made BLESSED AMENDED FINAL.





Blessed, Blessed Amended and Blessed Amended Final

These three versions sound and look slightly different to each other.



Peter Crowe tenor, William Waters guitar 彼得卡魯唱  水威廉古典結他  動化靓相

Images modified from Juliet Chenery-Robson photography  Score 樂譜

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YouTube link:https://youtu.be/ARxhVkZhcDs

  Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/383497980

The curious case of making the "Blessed" music video

(Followed by COMMENTS)

Last year when I was to have an operation scheduled at 7:30 am at Guy's Hospital, I stayed with a singer who lives near an underground station the night before so that I could catch the first train to get to the hospital in time. While I was there, she sang something, and I asked whether she would like to sing a piece by me and she was keen. I was thinking about the music video I was to create, as a retirement gift for the local priest and also as my appreciation of the singer.

After the operation, for quite some time I was not able to eat and suffered from pain. I felt tired and unwell. With no funding, this would have to be a home recording. To my dismay, I found many equipment not functioning. When the singer came for a preliminary rehearsal, she was also tired and unwell. I showed her the melody I have jotted down as inspired by the Beatitude text which I called Blessed, to be sung unaccompanied in the rhythm of how she would recite the words, and demonstrated on the piano (I can't sing anymore). She tried recording her singing with her iPad and to my surprise, the recording quality was acceptable. I suggested ways to record Blessed with her iPad, and she was to email the sound files to me to edit into a song for the music video.

For quite some time the singer was either unwell or busy. It was not easy to edit and assemble various phrases sung at different times, and over a period of time with no fixed tempo, some phrases needed splicing, and there was some noise here and there. The assembled song could not be presented as a plainchant and needed some accompaniment.

I have a dummy keyboard that is linked to a synthesizer. I thought I could use this to play a viol drone and that could go well with the assembled song. The synthesizer manual was undecipherable; instruments are not listed according to wind, brass, string, percussion, and many listed instruments I have no idea of what they are, e.g., 'clouds', 'coffee beans'... I was not able to find any of the viol family. Somehow I found a list of organs. When I tried to improvise to accompany the assembled song, I found some keys would go down but not get up again, and this cost money and time to repair. Persevering with software and equipment I am not familiar with and despite being unwell and very tired, somehow I got it done in time for Christmas 2019.

When Blessed was uploaded, the singer was pleased with the result but was upset because of the typo of her pseudonym in the credit. I therefor made Blessed Amended correcting her pseudonym and other typos, and also made some audio and visual adjustments. After this was uploaded, some people emailed me and said they like my playing. As Blessed was meant to be my appreciation of the singer, I made Blessed Amended Final, toning down my playing and also adjusted some further visual blemishes.

Why did I bother working on a project with so many problems? I was so unwell and tired at the time, perhaps it would be better for me not to do anything. Perhaps this was much ado about nothing, as not many will watch, and those who watch probably would not spot the differences. I cannot explain why I have the drive and urge to create and get the creation performed, and keep seeing imperfection...  

The Blessed score in PDF format simply shows the melodic line jotted down - pitch only - of what I heard when I read the Beatitude (incomplete because I wanted it to end with the "peacemakers"), with no indication of rhythm. The performer is to read the text of each phrase then sing the text with the pitches as affected by how he/she read it.

This can be transposed to any key and sung unaccompanied like a plainchant; or accompanied by a drone-line sound; or like I did in the music video accompanied with organ sound (I am no organist). I notated my opening ad lib section and some harmonic suggestions – for reference only. A suggestion for the three "peacemakers" phrases at the end is to use the "Three Blind Mice". Basically you can make free use of and modify what I have written.









New 11 Jan  新:1月11日


" I love both versions of BLESSED. I feel how the melody is inspired by my favourite text from the Bible. For me, the bar-less score and the modal (Dorian?) harmony resonate with choral history and associations, going back to Medieval pieces like 'O come, O come Emmanuel'. I actually prefer the version without the references to later carols, which greatly change the aesthetic and the associations. I think this piece should be performed on the organ in Westminster or Salisbury Cathedral, perhaps when the plague has finally departed."

Professor Stephen Matthews (more about him)

《有福》的兩個版本我都喜歡,我感覺到旋律從我最喜歡的聖經段落得到的靈感,樂譜無小節和類似中古教會調式(多利亞調式?)的和聲與頌歌合唱史共鳴,聯系到中世紀似 《以馬內利來臨》的頌唱,我更喜歡沒涉及後來聖誕合唱的版本,蓋其改變審美觀和聯想。我認為此曲在疫症過去後,應在西敏寺或索茲伯里大教堂的大風琴演奏。”

– 馬詩凡教授 (更多關於他的)

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BLESSED score in PDF format.