Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin

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Tai-Chi for flute & guitar  《太極》 笛子和結他合奏

This was commissioned by Lucy Cartledge and Nicholas Hooper to be played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I needed to submit a title before I had even written the piece for the festival programme. As Nicholas was practicing this martial art, I jokingly called it Tai-Chi. Though my cat Mao-Mao did not like this piece, Lucy and Nick liked the piece and have performed it at many venues. Later one of my cancer consultants, Dr. David Tong of Guy's & St Thomas', wrote a poem for this music. In this recording the poem is narrated by Jane Webster before the music.


Jane Webster narrates

Lucy Cartledge  flute

Nicholas Hooper  guitar

The music reflects the movement of this martial art, and also Yin and Yan opposing and complementing each other.


NEW: Scroll down to see upload 4 March   

WISDOM AND LOVE for voice and guitar

4月3日新樂譜 在最下面


13 May 5月13日 BUDDHA SONG score & music video 《佛曲》樂譜和音樂視頻

11 Jun 6月11日 BLESSED《有福》