Ho Wai-On 何蕙安 aka Ann-Kay Lin

Scores page 2  樂譜/乐谱 2

More to come  更多將陸續上載

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Below are my scores in PDF format 点擊以下藍框形象看樂譜

Tai-Chi for flute & guitar  《太極》 笛子和結他合奏

This was commissioned by Lucy Cartledge and Nicholas Hooper to be played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I needed to submit a title before I had even written the piece for the festival programme. As Nicholas was practicing this martial art, I jokingly called it Tai-Chi. Though my cat Mao-Mao did not like this piece, Lucy and Nick liked the piece and have performed it at many venues. Later one of my cancer consultants, Dr. David Tong of Guy's & St Thomas', wrote a poem for this music. In this recording the poem is narrated by Jane Webster before the music.


Jane Webster narrates

Lucy Cartledge  flute

Nicholas Hooper  guitar

The music reflects the movement of this martial art, and also Yin and Yan opposing and complementing each other.


3.10 am  for viola & guitar《零晨三時十分》中提琴和結他合奏加念白

This was based on extracts of a poem I could not make head nor tail of but I dramatised it. It was written for London Arts award-winning young performers of the year. In this case for William Waters and Norbert Blume. I was in my rebellious youth and aimed at breaking barriers. When the work was completed Norbert appeared to be put off by my notation method and didn't want to play it, so it was played by Richard Muncey. The poet asked me not to name him because the piece is so different from the nature of the poem. When the music critic Brigitte Schaeffer came for the performance, she mistakenly thought the concert started at 3.10 pm and hence missed the performance!  When the work was broadcast in Hong Kong, I did not give it any programme notes and was surprised to hear the presenter describing the piece as about the aftermath of a nuclear war!  Also, because I used rather unusual graphic notation, the guitarist John Schneider included an image from it in his book on guitar music.


Richard Muncey  viola & speech

William Waters  guitar & speech



Study on Thirds  guitar solo 《 三度練習曲》 結他獨奏

This was specially written for William Waters.


William Waters  guitar


Tremolo, & Melody guitar solo 《顫音》《旋律》结他獨奏

These two short pieces were written for Gerald Garcia

(Arts Council commission).